Rawlinshaw Farm|Zwartble and Blue Texel Sheep|DIY Livery
Rawlinshaw Farm, Austwick, 
In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park

​​23rd March 2016
A morning of opposites!

After three days of no lambs at all, this morning at 6am, Sam was greeted by multiple ewes trying to lamb.  The first was a white texel hog (a sheep that was only born the previous lambing time, a bit like a teenage pregnancy). She had been trying for some time but wasn't able to pass her lamb. Sam decided it was time to find out why and on examination, the lamb was so large and the ewes pelvis so small, it had resulted in the lambs head being pushed downwards. If left, the lamb would die. Time for the shepherdess/Vet to get to work. 
To rectify this, Sam had to push the lamb further back into the ewe so she could make space to turn the lambs head around. This is extremly difficult as the whole time the ewe just wants to push the lamb out and this pushing tends to crush your hand against the bone of the pelvis.

Correct Presentation

Neck Back

Every time the head was released, these contractions pushed the head back down. So a special wire loop has to be placed around the back of the head and into the mouth of the lamb to hold the head in the correct position. There was no movement from the lamb. This neck down presentation often happens when the lamb has died inside the ewe as it becomes flaccid following death.
A special rope is placed around both front feet, lubrication placed around the lamb and slowly we apply traction. Finally after a very difficult pull we had a lamb....A LIVE LAMB!

Meet "Dumbo" after the cartoon elephant.


In contrast, whilst Sam was lambing Dumbo, another hogg started to lamb. By the time Dumbo was born, "Tiny" had already been born and was already up on her feet.
Sometimes it pays to be small!
  1. sheep, lambs, lambing time, rawlinshaw, Tiny
    Meet Tiny
  2. sheep, lambs, lambing time, rawlinshaw, Dumbo
    Dumbo with his mum
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