Rawlinshaw Farm|Zwartble and Blue Texel Sheep|DIY Livery


The Yorkshire Dales - The best scenery in the world?
Well we think so...We hope you enjoy viewing it with us!
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Farm - Scenery 

  1. Cow are great!
    cows, grazing
  2. Rawlinshaw Farm
    Rawlinshaw Farm, Yorkshire Dales National park
  3. Meldings
  4. Sheep view
    Sheep view
  5. Zwartble sunset
  6. Moon
  7. Sheep View
    Sheep View
  8. Tom checking his sheep
    Tom checking his sheep
  9. Cows
  10. View with Lady
    Yorkshire Dales view
  11. River crossing
    Riding in the Yorkshire Dales
  12. Golly & Scoot
    Horses, DIY Livery, Rawlinshaw
  13. Ringo, Sams 1st pony
    pony, ponies, livery, DIY livery, rawlinshaw farm
  14. Sunset
  15. Sunset from the top building
    Sunset from the top building
  16. Sunset Feb 2018
    Sunset Feb 2018

Farm - Winter Scenery 

  1. Snow View
    sheep, snow, rawlinshaw
  2. Snow View
    Snow View
  3. Roscoe
    horse, livery, snow


  1. Lady
    sheep, Zwartble
  2. Blue Texel View
    Blue texel, ewe Yorkshire Dales national park
  3. Zwartble sunset
    Zwartbles, sheep, sunset
  4. Spot
  5. Blue Girls
    Blue Texel
  6. Marked bottoms
    coloured sheep bottoms
  7. Spot and Aunty
    Spot and Aunty
  8. Head resting
    Head resting
  9. Blue Texel
    Blue Texels
  10. Olympus
  11. Sheep
  12. Brunton View
    Brunton View
  13. Zwartbles


  1. Lady & her 4 lambs
  2. Little blue mothered on
    successful mothering on
  3. Little "Goaty" with his coat on
    Goaty, mothering on lambs
  4. Spots cheeky lambs
    Spots cheeky lambs
  5. Goaty mothered on
    Goaty mothered on
  6. Pinky and Perky
    Pinky and Perky
  7. Titchy Blue & her new family
    Titchy Blue & her new family
  8. Titch
  9. Zwartble lambs
    Zwartble lambs
  10. Suffolk
  11. Zwartble lambs
    zwartble lambs
  12. Lambs Flehmen
    lambs flehmen

The Boys 

  1. Zwartble rams
    zwartble rams
  2. Whizz
    Zwartble ram
  3. Whizz Champion
    Zwartble, champion, ram
  4. Whizz champion 2014
    champion zwartble
  5. Zwartble Boys
  6. Zwartble Ram
    zwartble ram
  7. Zwartbles together
  8. Whizz
    whizz, zwartbles
  9. Billy Elliot
  10. Blue Boy
    Blue texel ram
  11. Shampoo Time
    shampoo, bath, show zwartble
  12. Blue Texels
    Blue texels
  13. Zwartble bottoms
  14. Baby Blue
    Blue texel tup
  15. Boy Blue
    Blue Texel
  16. Our Boys
    Our Boys
  17. Flehmen
    sheep flehmen
  18. Coloured bottoms
    Coloured bottoms
  19. Teaser time
    Teaser ram
  20. Raddle colour application
    raddle, colour
  21. Orange raddle
    Orange raddle
  22. Teaser
    teaser ram
  23. Wallace our Teaser
    Ram teaser
Rawlinshaw Farm, Austwick, 
In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park


  1. Off we go
    Big bale, silo, haylege
  2. Working Girl
    case, tractor, moving big bales
  3. Motorised Wrapper
    Motorised Wrapper
  4. Wrapping sunset
  5. Wrapping
    wrapping, bale wrapping
  6. Mowing Time
    tractor, david brown, mowing
  7. Happy little farmer
    pink bales
  8. Sunset
  9. Bale sunset
    pink wrap, sunset, wrapping
  10. Title 10
    Title 10
  11. Case girls together
    case tractors, pink wrap
  12. A pink load
    pink load of bales
  13. Pink Marshmallows
    Pink Marshmallows
  14. A Pile of pink bales
    A Pile of pink bales
  15. Title 15
    Title 15
  16. Sunset
  17. Digging
  18. Drain digging
    Drain digging
  19. Squashed drains
    Squashed drains
  20. Find that drain
    Find that drain
  21. Excavation
  22. Soil movements
    Soil movements
  23. Apple picking Rawlinshaw Style
    apple picking
  24. Apple picking
    Apple picking
  25. Fallen Wall
    stone walls
  26. Half build
    Half build
  27. Stone wall
    Stone wall
  28. Laying gravel
    Laying gravel
  29. New gatepost
    New gatepost
  30. Gatepost
  31. Apple crumble
    Apple crumble
  32. Our Apples
    Our Apples


  1. Golly & Scoot
     horses, livery, DIY, horses, yorkshire, lancashire, settle, ingleton
  2. Ringo
     horses, livery, DIY, horses, yorkshire, lancashire, settle, ingleton
  3. Laughing horse
     horses, livery, DIY, horses, yorkshire, lancashire, settle, ingleton
  4. Koda
  5. The Chestnuts
    chestnut horses, livery, DIY, horses, yorkshire, lancashire, settle, ingleton
  6. Golly Hide & Seek
    Golly Hide & Seek
  7. Golly
  8. Golly viewing his grass
    Golly viewing his grass
  9. Cantering Chestnuts
    Cantering Chestnuts
  10. Peppi
  11. Koda
    horse, livery, frost, yorkshire


  1. Relaxing - Just resting my chin
    Relaxing - Just resting my chin
  2. Koda and Golly
    Koda and Golly
  3. Tekoda and Gol
    Tekoda and Gol
  4. Laughing Tekoda
    Laughing Tekoda
  5. Title 6
    Title 6
  6. Title 7
    Title 7
  7. Meet the girls
    Meet the girls
  8. Meeting Woody
    Meeting Woody
  9. "Food" Rawlinshaw pony already!
    "Food" Rawlinshaw pony already!
  10. Meeting the cows
    Meeting the cows
  11. Nice view
    Nice view
  12. Golly meets the understoody
    Golly meets the understoody
  13. Friends already
    Friends already
  14. Tekoda meets Golly
    Tekoda meets Golly
  15. Meeting Roscoe
    Meeting Roscoe
  16. Bored already?
    Bored already?
  17. Grazing
  18. 1st time out
    1st time out
  19. Why bother to bend?
    Why bother to bend?
  20. Find a step
    Find a step
  21. and graze from this!
    and graze from this!
  22. Ready to go
    Ready to go
  23. Fancy New Shoes
    Fancy New Shoes
  24. Ready
  25. Out with the gang
     horses, livery, DIY, horses, yorkshire, lancashire, settle, ingleton