Rawlinshaw Farm|Zwartble and Blue Texel Sheep|DIY Livery
Rawlinshaw Farm, Austwick, 
In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Rawlinshaw Livery

  1. Summer Grazing
    Summer Grazing
    We rotate the grazing with our sheep trying to maintain good farming practice. Limited grazing can be adopted both in summer and winter depending on requirements.
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    Happy Horses
    Rawlinshaw has a long long history linked with horses. Working farm horses, through World War I recruitment horses, through Trekking Centre and now Livery yard. The family have all been brought up with horses and believe horses should live as horses in large mixed groups, where they can interact naturally. This makes for a happy horse!
  3. DIY Livery
    DIY Livery
    Rawlinshaw is a small yard with only a few horse owners on the yard, making for a friendly environment. Please contact Sam for more details.
  4. Fantastic Riding
    Fantastic Riding
    I have had horses at livery all around the country and yet I still have never been anywhere else that can beat the extensive spectacular expanse of bridleways on our doorstep...riding is believing.. come and try them!

Meet Tekoda
 Our new addition to the Rawlinshaw gang.

  1. Golly all clipped
    Golly all clipped
    I don't want Golly to feel left out, so he too has had a clip and is now rugged up too...all ready for his new little rider Tom to take him out in his semi-retirement.
  2. Golly meets Tekoda
    Golly meets Tekoda
    It's always important that that any new horse is introduced to the "gang" and I was especially pleased at how Golly took to his new understudy!
  3. Mates in seconds
    Mates in seconds
    Within seconds, Golly and Tekoda were grooming each other!
  4. Meeting Roscoe
    Meeting Roscoe
    No problems here
  5. 1st time out with just Golly
    1st time out with just Golly
    Best mates already
  6. Meeting the others
    Meeting the others
    As you can see...Tekoda took it all in his stride! Grass is more important - a typical Rawlinshaw horse trait!
  7. Woody says "Hello"
    Woody says "Hello"
    You have to get on well with the head of the gang and this exchange with Woody seemed to go well too.
  8. You gotta laugh!
    You gotta laugh!
    Tekoda telling the tail of his day and having a good old laugh about it :-)