Rawlinshaw Farm|Zwartble and Blue Texel Sheep|DIY Livery
Rawlinshaw Farm, Austwick, 
In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park
.May is upon us

Spring has finally arrived and the Yorkshire Dales have sprung to life.

The sunshine has brought us spring with primroses and bluebells galore. There has also been lots going on at the farm. The lambs are growing  and enjoying the fresh grass - the fields have been fertilised,  and the lambs have moved up to higher ground. The scarcrows of Wray are out with the theme of explorers and the farm spring renovations begin.  The horses too are now out in the fileds after a long winter and Koda is coming back into training after his 3 months rest following his injury. Golly too has come out of retirement and at the ripe old age of 26yrs is learning a new lesson - "Western" and is loving the experience! 
Take a look at all the goings on in May and enjoy the photos.

A visit to Wray Scarecrow Festival

  1. wray scarecrow festival, rawlinshaw
    Wray Scarecrow Festival
    This year the scarecrows were to depict explorers
  2. wray festival, scarecrow, rawlinshaw
    Wray festival
    Tom and Matt at Wray scarecrow festival
  3. Managing Director
    Matt and a scarecrow
    Which is which?
  4. wray scarecrow festival
    Wray festival
    Scarecrow festival
  5. wray scarecrow festival
    Wray Scarecrow festival
The spring lambs are growing fast!
  1. Sheep, rawlinshaw, yorkshire
    The sheep up on our top field
  2. Sheep, rawlinshaw, yorkshire
    The lambs are growing well
  3. Sheep, rawlinshaw, yorkshire, zwartbles
  4. Sheep, rawlinshaw, yorkshire, texels
  5. Sheep, rawlinshaw, yorkshire
    Cheeky lambs
  6. Sheep, rawlinshaw, yorkshire
    Life is so hard!

A bit of repair work and then some relaxation with Bryan Adams

  1. Managing Director
    A little relaxation with Bryan
  2. Bryan adams
    Bryan Adams
  3. Managing Director
    Repairing waterpipes
  4. LEWFA, broadband, BA4N
    Sam painting the white gates
    Ready for going on the bottom of the drive

Broadband is go!

Well, we have the materials, now all we have to do is dig it in.. work starts this next week.
  1. LEWFA, broadband, BA4N
  2. LEWFA, broadband, BA4N
    More cable
  3. LEWFA, broadband, BA4N
    Cable just for rawlinshaw
  4. LEWFA, broadband, BA4N

A bit of horse training..

Koda is coming back into training but was fancying his chances of living in the house. Don't think so Koda. We are starting off with some very gentle exercise but he is happy to transport goods - including lamb creep - I knew western saddles would come in handy. He is even chilled about Sooty the cat and is quite willing to share the new trailer with Golly. Golly too has been having a new experience - western style. Visit the "Western Page" to see more.
  1. western saddle, rawlinshaw, horses
    One way to carry your Lamb creep
    Western saddles - very handy!
  2. Koda, horses rawlinshaw
    Koda awaiting Gollys return
  3. Managing Director
    Checking the sheep
  4. golly, koda, rawlinshaw farm, austwick
    Koda and Golly
    Happy together
  5. Managing Director
    Koda thinking of going indoors
    Plastic recycling bags are not going to stop him
  6. Koda, rawlinshaw, settle, north yorkshire
    Koda checking the sink is clean
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
    Golly back home with the gang
  9. rawlinshaw, western, yorkshire
    Golly back in familiar surroundings
    Golly relaxing back at home after his western day out
  10. Koda, blossom
    The blossom is out
  11. sooty, koda, rawlinshaw, horses
    Sooty enjoying the ride
The band has been busy too and hope that you come an watch us this Bank Holiday Sunday .
So May certainly has been a jam packed, fun month.

We hoped you enjoyed sharing it with us.