Rawlinshaw Farm|Zwartble and Blue Texel Sheep|DIY Livery
Rawlinshaw Farm, Austwick, 
In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park

One Boy and His Dog called "Spot"

The week started with a magnificent November morning. The sun was shining and it was so pleasant to be out and about on the farm.
Tom decided he would come with us to Brunton to check the ewes now they have been taken away from the rams, and off we went with Spot and Stumpy to help us.
  1. Brunton, Yorkshire views
    What a View!
  2. shepherd, spot
    Boys Together
  3. Ingleborough, Yorkshire
  4. shepherd
    Off we go...
  5. outrun
    Go Spot!
  6. rounding up sheep
    There they are
  7. sheep, ewes
    Spot counting Sheep
  8. Yorkshire view
    Beautiful Day in Yorkshire
  9. Work Done!
    Work Done!
  10. Just enough time for play!
    Just enough time for play!
  11. Fun Time
    Fun Time
  12. Shepherd, Yorkshire
    Shepherd in Training
Then came the rain...
..and it was time to get back to work!
The winds this week have been causing havoc and Matt has been busy repairing gates and doors that have been damaged.
It was back to that time of year where some of the animals have to be brought inside. The horses can cause a lot of damage to the fields when the ground is so soft. Even just walking results in major "Hoof Marks" and even though the horse lover in me loves to see them playing in the fields, the farmer part of me cringes and so they are now stabled and are just able to go into the lane or school to stretch their legs.
The Rams too have also finished their work and hopefully most of the ewes are now pregant. As the boys don't really want their fun to end, we have also had to bring them inside. They need to be kept somewhere secure as we don't want any mischief. However, I think they are quite greatful to be tucked up inside!
Even our old girls have come inside. Lady and Tripod find it quite difficult to get around now and are quite content sat inside eating at their leisure. "Show Lamb" (now an old ewe that has had problems with an infection in her udder this summer called "BlackBag") still remains even though really she should have gone to market as she will not be able to feed her lambs this coming year, and "Skinny Ewe" who suffered with pneumonia earlier this year, all are happy with being spoilt a little.
Then for a little artwork designing and a bit of baking...all part of the farming week.
  1. sheep
  2. What damage a Ram can make when you take him away from his girls!
  3. ewes
  4. Running Repairs
  5. Teach 'em early
  6. big bale haylege
  7. big bales
  8. A bit of design work
  9. and a bit of baking for the School X-mas fair
  10. Shepherd come baker
  11. Boys inside
  12. Happy munching
  13. ponies, livery, yorkshire, settle
  14. rawlinshaw, settle, horses, livery
Then came the Water!
All this rain has washed huge quantities of weed down our stream. This has then blocked the waters exit through one of the stone walls. In the middle of the week, the water filled the field and was flowing over the top of the wall, threatening to knock it down. So Sunday was spent risking life and limb to protect our wall and remove the weed. Sadly Matt lost his glasses in the process but at least we saved the wall!
Life is never dull on a farm!
  1. The water was over the wall top!
  2. rain, water, yorkshire
  3. My turn
  4. After the initial flood