Rawlinshaw Farm|Zwartble and Blue Texel Sheep|DIY Livery
Rawlinshaw Farm, Austwick, 
In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Sale Time
2nd October 2015

Boy Blue waiting for his sale debut at Skipton Auction Mart. He raised a lot of interest but we decided not to sell him for the price offered. I will use this smart boy for my own ewes unless a new owner comes along.
Go to a Ram sale...come home with a new ewe! How did that happen?!
Even within one day, this lady is starting to show here cheeky side! Today she has been treated for worms and other parasites before mixing with my ewes to prevent any transfer of infections. She has now been introduced to the rest of the girls and Wallace our Teaser Ram.
Our newest purchase...don't think I have worked out this selling to make some money malarky!
Billy Elliot goes to his new home
We did sell one Tup at Skipton auction. However things didn't go quite to plan. He was on his way to his new home in a lovely shiny horse box - however, seeing his reflexion in the window - he head butted this, smashed the window and delayed his trip for 24hrs. However he is now at his new home and his new mumwill look after him just like at Rawlinshaw.
Meet our new Pedigree Blue Texel Ewe. She hasn't got a name yet but we will keep you posted.  We are trying to grow our number of blue texels in our flock at Rawlinshaw. This good bodied ewe is from the Millside Blue Texel flock owned by a fellow vet and farmer Mr David  Alexander, the same breeder who bred my Stock Tup -" Little Blue "so I am expecting great things.
As well as sheep sales, this week has been perfect for riding round the Dales.
Tom - our cowboy in the making.
Tom occasionally comes out with his mum riding and is becoming quite the little cowboy..or should that be sheepboy? He has not cantered before and I think he made a very brave start! Wow Scoot - for an old, arthritic girl - you can still go!
Sorry it's a bit shaky but cantering and filming behind you at the same time is not easy.

Tom checking his stock

Our livery horses and their owners enjoying the sunshine

Today Jill and Sarah enjoyed a long ride...made slightly longer by a pub lunch and bottle of wine and then a tea stop with cake at Feizor...sounds like the perfect ride to me!

Getting the sheep ready for "Tupping Time"

Today we also brought all the ewes down from our top field to get them prepared for breeding..."Tupping Time" is here. We treat them for worms and a parasite called fluke that is found in wet areas and damages the sheeps liver if not controlled. For this we give them a liquid that is squirted into their mouths. We also inject them against a skin mite called Psoroptes or Sheep Scab.
Now they are ready for our Teaser Ram  - Wallace. Wallace was vasectomised 2 yrs ago and some would say has the best life on the farm! He gets to be boyfriend to all the girls. This is a natural way of bringing all the sheep in to season at the same time without the use of any chemicals. This is called the "Ram effect" and results in synchronisation of the ewes, so that in 14 days, the real rams can go in with the ewes and they should all be ready to breed during the following 2 weeks. This is very important for us as Sam needs to take time off from work at lambing time and so the timing is crucial.

Our Boys

Tom and Sooty Sloe Picking

The fantastic weather has produced an abundance of wild blackberries and rasberries round the countryside. Even in Roberts little garden, the sloes are in abundance and so Tom helped pick these under the guidance of his cat Sooty.
And more beautiful sunsets...