Rawlinshaw Farm|Zwartble and Blue Texel Sheep|DIY Livery
Rawlinshaw Farm, Austwick, 
In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Saturday 26th September

Another lovely ending to a packed week.
The week started with a 9th Birthday party and a Tup sale. Then a bit of vet work as the day job, some "Simply Lambs" to market and a few  running repairs. It finished with a new kitten welcomed to the farm, some field rotation for the horses and sheep, a photo shoot for the band and ending with a beautiful sunset yet again.
What is not to love here in the Yorkshire Dales!
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All of a lather
Before the Tup sale, the boys all have to have a bath after their clip and trim last week. Not quite sure who gets the wettest!
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Sale Time at Gisburn 
Two Zwartbles and baby Blue went to Gisburn Twilight tup sale. Baby Blue certainly got a lot of interest and was the perfect gentleman and I hope his new owners love him as much as we did.
Before...a damaged fence
Can you see me??
There are always running repairs on a farm. This fence now needs repairing.
A  new game of hide and seek. Golly wins the best hiding space this week..in a bunch of thistles!
...after, all fixed
kitten rehomed, daisy street vets
and now the fence is all secure again. 
Happy Birthday Tom
9yrs old..where does the time go?
With a little help..
from a friend...Sooty.
Splodge makes her self comfortable on her 1st morning at Rawlinshaw after being brought in for rehoming  at Daisy Street Vets.
Jukebox Junkies, photo shoot
A fun photo shoot
with the Jukebox Junkies

Another magnificent sunset

To end the week, we were spoilt with a lovely sunset and then the moon in the opposite direction with a purple sky..you cant beat The Yorkshire Dales!
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